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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 28, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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. >> the storm looks like it wants to spend agent more time showingow path will mane more wind and more rain. >> stronger we was to boot. tonight hurricane isaac has made land fall. good evening. the center of hurricane isaac has spun ashore now in louisiana. this is what the southern part of the state looked like just a short time ago. less than an hour from new orleans here and winds pushing the written side ways that the point. power out for hours. hurricane isaac is about 200 miles wide. it has sustained winds near 80 miles an hour. now for the very latest on this let's go to bradley in new orleans tonight. >> hurricane isaac made land fall in louisiana packing 80 miles per hour winds. whipping up the surf. dumping heavy
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written. causing flooding along the gulf. it's only going to get worse. >> very dangerous storm. those waters rising as quickly as they could be loss of life is very real possibility. >> this is not going to be over quick. this is not a fast moving storm. >> this nasa image of isaac show how it has grown intensified and become more organized. life come to halt in gulfport, mississippi buildings boarded up. resident hunker down. no planes. no trains. no schools. no power -- power outages expected. >> safety you and others use common sense. don't go outside and put yourself or nors a dangerous position. >>reporter: shelter are filling with those who heeded warnings from all levels. >> now is not the time to tempt fate. now is not the time to dismiss official warnings. you need to take this seriously. >> in new orleans the levee that failed during hurricane katrina exactly seven years get the first big test since 14 billion dollar upgrade.
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>> we probably get some brief flooding from the rain but and heavy winds or something. later may go out but we are prepared for all that. >> officials stress isaac will impact more than just coastal communities. there's a possibility it will spawn tornadoes through the night. tonight the streets of new orleans are empty as the storm batters the city and residents are waiting to find out if the city is ready. abc news new orleans. >> let's hope the city is read ready. spent a fortune rebuilding and strengthening the levee. expectation is they will hold. spencer christian is tracking hurricane isaac hear with the very latest. category 1 shouldn't strengthen any more; is that correct? >> not strengthen any mr. but still such a tremendous risk and expectation by the which of wide spread flooding. the storm here on our radar made land fall early this evening right around new orleans and here's a look at conditions now. we have got watch becomes out for tornadoes. of course the big problem that the
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accompany hurricane usually wide spread flooding and outer band around the storm spawn tornadoes andal additional concern for much of the central gulf coast. category 1 hurricane is high sustained winds. 80 miles per hour some graduate weakening likely but the storm is moving so slowly that it is going to dump huge apartments of rainfall in the areas affected by it so the track will continue northwest ward beyond the gulf up along the mississippi valley over the next several days. tropical storm then to depression then to a big massive low pressure system but it's expected to continue as fairly well constructed storm all the way up into missouri and illinois over the next several days that means several states affected by the storm and risk the possibility of wide spread extensive flooding. over the next 48 hours rainfall projection for the area hardest hit near the gulf coast from 7 to 14 inches of rain. that is a lot of rainfall but again the storm will not strengthen any
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more. just going to expect a wide area of the south east and mississippi valley with flooding, threat of flooding. >> thanks. i know you will continue to wendy burch the storm. come become to world trade center problem with a different sort. concerned about flooding there. look what happened in san francisco. this huge sink hole opened up today. it opened after massive water main break today and there is a massive clean up operation going on right now in the city visitation valley after that water main break. as you can see from sky 7 hd the breaken 42 inch main let loose millions gallons of water and flooding buildings and homes and shutting down street. once crew shut off the water. job one. break left behind the big sink hole. look at this. the cause of the break is still not certain but happened after 11 this morning at sunny dale avenue interthe cow palace. stunts at our led of the visitation valley school evacuated when water rushed
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that the gym office and class rooms. here what you are looking at rest cures using a lunch tibl to make a bridge over the floodwater. now as for cleaning up the big mess and it is a mess, l don sanchez has that part of the story. >>reporter: street crew sweeping away the pile of mud as the river of water cascaded did you know to bayshore pick up silt dirt along the way. get an idea from sky 7 hd over the main break of how wide an area has been impacted by the river flow. 14 houses near the sink hole have been evacuated because no power no water no estimate when able to move back in. one business impacted is this cabinet granite shop. the water rosa foot and these cit that store this granite. >> big river next door and we came out and all flooded outside. granite can withstand world trade center but can get
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sustained. so a lot of our product might be stind right now i'm not sure. >>reporter: question he pass what who is going to pay for the property clean up. most houses escape muddy mayhem since high enough but sidewalk and curb had plenty of it and property owners were out assisting crew to clean it awa away. >> any damage in your house? >> my house is okay inside. i don't see anything right now so far. is okay. >>reporter: water pressure dropped for short time but fine now. some cars parked at this service station got muddy by the flow. carlos who grew up in the neighborhood was out to clean them off hosing down the sidewalk. >> how bad was it. >> bad my motor home was writ here. water came up this high at least. it was tl car over there wiped out. with water e-representatives from service to find work and got no takers. no damage to any home in the neighborhood. discuss going to be a couple week of inconvenience for people who
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live in visitation valley. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> police in pleasanton seek man wanted for sexually assault ago woman while impersonate ago proof. released this sketch. in his late 20's perhaps early 30's. police say he pulled a woman over at 3:00 a.m. by sounding a siren of some kind then flashing a light at her car. after showing her some sort of a badge he ordered her out of the car handcuffed her placed her in the back seat of his car where he took her to his is he concluded area and then assaulted her. all of this happened in the early morning of august fifth. victim did not report it until several weeks later so police now just getting started on their investigation. >> mean time do you recognize this man, the one with the gun video obtained exclusively today by 7 news of an east bay gunman police are desperately hoping to find. he was armed with semi-automatic handgun that he shoved in a terrified sales clerk face. took a bunch
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of money but police want him stopped before he takes a life. nick has the video and the story. >>reporter: caught on tape. security camera at this market capture man walking in the store standing in line then pulling out a semi-automatic handgun. >> in the line like customer. he pull out pistol and he just move aside. l pick it out boo boom. >>reporter: police believe because the can did it didn't bother to wear a mask or cover his face drug/alcohol or both may have played a role. >> unfortunately the individual that commit these brazen robbery may under the influence this. >>reporter: comes on the heels ofless week smash and grab. last thursday 4 men all with guns enter the hb jewelry store in the town center. splash display cases into duffel bag with 400,000 dollars worth of jewelry and precious stone.
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weapon last night used can be clearly seen today in the suspect right hand is either a 9mm. or.45 caliber. you can clearly see the gunman take aim locking in on the clerk at point blank and clearing the register of cash. nobody hurt in the robbery but it's a priority but their behavior and bold tactic make them extremely dangerous is that nor brazen robbery. not even wearing a bask. -- mask. may desperate and we weren't to keep the public safety. >> 590 information contact them or west contra costa crime stoppers. find the number and information on our web site abc 7 news. >> we learned late today that man from lafayette is okay after his car went over a 100 foot cliff in hawaii. he and another man from south carolina were driving the highway there when the car plunged off the
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roadway which is notoriously narrow and twisting. police say it happened 2:30 this morning. south carolina man climbed up the mountain side took an hour. passerby grabbed the bay area man in turn both walk away with cuts and bruise bruises. they are okay. well a lot more to get to this tuesday night. coming up here. clean up day at the hom homeless camp. biggest in san francisco. how long will it stay that way. in tam about for ann romney big nature. political matthew of the strength of the facebook house. al malt home where mark zuckerberg launched career and his company and start that up hopes to follow in his foot steps. with smoke pouring from the tale the southern california news helicopter that became part of the story find became part of the story find out what happened as 7 neíúñ
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>> california highway patrol joined other agencies today to clear out a wig homeless encampment in san francisco. one of at least 70 encampment around the bay area one of the biggest. carolyn tyler has the
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story tonight from fourth and king. >> in the trendy south of market neighborhood in the shadow of the cal train statio station, underneath the freeway overpass, something you probably never knew existed. and something the police public work health department and chp are trying to get rid of of. one of san francisco largest homeless encampment. >> mainly it's to remove garbage. ex credit meant. ra rat. that kind of thing. it gets overrun. >>reporter: but this looks like more than a klain. it's a sweep. >> this is actually it is. >>reporter: estimates 30 to 40 people leif here and expect as usual they will try to return but this time cal-trans plans to erect a metal fence that can't be cut down lake before. will you come back after the sweep is done. >> no they said they are coming every week and pain in the ass to move all the time. >>reporter: they routinely visit to offer services including shelter bed and stabilization room. miss west
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says after living here for years, she decided today to get off the street. >> what made a difference this time. >> someone came in and actually talked to me and see why i was homeless ty care. show some interests in it. >>reporter: many of the neighbors don't want to leave. homeless aed advocate say this was a safe community and pushing people out doesn't solve the root causes of hom homelessness. >> point is where are the people going to good? can't afford -- not enough houseing in the city. >>reporter: no argument from the experts who say that is why they must prioritize their rae sources. >> obviously everything there's a finite quantity of it that's part of it. way to deal witness is offering folk expected today including christ a comb less bet. finally. done with this life. >>reporter: homeless coalition says there were school age
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children living here. chp and the city dispute that. now beside all the belongings that you see that are still here, we have also seen some of the homeless making their way bam here so today just became a care license tyler abc 7 news. >> united air lane work to get the flights running on time again after major computer problems caused delays cancellation hear in the bay why are and around the country. problem created long lines in san francisco international airport as you can see. some of united key computer systems were down for more than 2 hours and web site wasn't working either. airline says the cause of this had latest problem. everyone ask to good to other different places so i'm not really sure what will happen. >>reporter: not the first time. quantity the has been struggling with computer issues since combining major computer systems back in march. arrest
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lines will not charge the usual change fee for affected passengers. want to cancel or rebook the ticket those passengers will not be penalt penaltyize monetarily. >> back to spencer. we talked about hurricane isaac in the gulf hitting new orleans but focus now on our weather forecast. >> lovely. will be for a long long time. here's live view from the high definition roof cam are. here on top a look. back over part of the financial is in clear shot of the 1. would has clear skies around the bay area as you can see. when coastal clouds developing up north and won't move our way until the overnight hours. 73 degrees in acht i don't care. 70 concord fairfield. maybe 60's other inland location and 69 in san francisco and these are our highlights. fog return to the coast overnight. mild to warm again tm and most part
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thursday as well but much cooler weather seattle in for friday saturday. our fan will return to the coast during the wee nair of the moist and locally near the coast. over tonight low generally in the unin the north bay valley with santa rose and napa. see low in the low 50's resume our forecast animation at 5:00 o'clock it will ben creek high 60 at the coast up to about 90 in the warmest inland location. in the south bay it's mild to warm were high mainly in the low mid 80's. for ivy campbell. opinion the peninsula high of '86 81. redwood city and mountain view. yes at palo alto. on the coast pacifica 62 degrees and
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high of 68 tomorrow. 64 in the sun set district. up in the north bay generally high in the 80's. 83 at novato. 84 at santa rest and cal together. 80 at union city. 82 at fremont. inland we see up around at iron i don't care. bruin at brentwood and high not low to mid 70's near the bay and santa kluz mid upper 90's holster, gilroy, upper 80's that is up to 89 at holster gill ri and morgan hill. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. not many 90's tomorrow but mainly 2 or 3 locations in the east land east pwool. colonel down if you degrees on thursday. inland high today will likely not even 80 in most location. mainly 70's up to 70 around the bay.
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70's on the coast warm-up on sunday monday tuesday and we will see more seasonal range. that's what to expect this time of year. >> thanks very much. well he was well known well respected wartime corresponden correspondent. tonight we remember iconic helped change the course of history. plus. [ clapping]. >> ann romney big night. her message at tonight republic national cop convention
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. >> malcolm brown reporter who spent decades covering war around the world and who won the pulitzer prize for writing about the early days of the
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vietnam war forever remembered for one famous picture. it is this 1963 photo of a buddhist monk perhaps you remember it. he set himself on fire in the streets of saigon to protest the south vietnam government supported by the united states. president kennedy reportedly said that he was shocked by the image and that it forced the white house in a reevaluation of the vietnam policy. malcolm brown the only foreign journalist there. he had parkinson's disease and died yesterday at the age of 81. new rules finalize today by the obama administration nearly double the average fuel economy for cars by the year 2025. new standard will require new cars and trucks to average 54 and a half miles perfect gallon in 13 years. current mileage rule call for nearly 30 miles per hour. standard also include incentive for the production of electric and hybrid vehicle and model that run on natural gas.
9:25 pm
regulation which are in the work for several years now add those thousands for the cost of new car but in the long run drivers spend less on gasoline. >> in lake tahoe. california geological survey and team of scientist just finished testing some new technogy to the assess the risk of earthquake and land slides. they took a barge on the lake for several days and this testing was done. quick research gives the scene activist a chance to test the under world trade center drill. scientific frument that will be used in up come expedition to antarctica. researchers from uc davis nevada reno santa cruz contributes institute and northern illinois university. now this is the row bat ick submarine that will be using the equipment in antarctica built by marine outfit in alameda. one of a kind submarine ice rover. f this is
9:26 pm
lowered 2500 feet under the ice to study what have is there. we'll continue to follow this for you because it will be fascinate to go see whether the craft finds. >> we 10 here tonight. behind the scenes of the republican national convention. coming up next. exactly who is paying for all the wining and dining of party officials. >> 7 news reporter vick lee explains some of the people and the weapons that were rounded up in san jose gang sweep. crack down and gruesome crack down and gruesome discovery. lingering smell
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>> it's the mom to always work a little harder to make everything right. it's the mom of this nation single married widow who really hold this country together. we are the the mothers. we are the wives. we are the grandmother. we are the big sisters. we are the little sisters and we are the daughters. you know it's true don't you. [applause]. >> this is ann romney big night. she appealed directly to women to get out to vote to support her husband. mitt romney is now officially the presidential nominee of the republican party after traditional state by state roll call vote at the national convention in tampa, florida late today. now this is the california delegation led by former governor pete wilson which announced its vote as part of the relevant call this afternoon. of mark matthews is covering the convention for from us tampa. he explains how romney must fight a little bit to get the support of women. >> if there were only men voting republicans would win
9:31 pm
every election. >>reporter: not southern california acknowledging poll that romney has trouble attrac attracting women voters. republican women from the bay area acknowledged there have been some memorandum manual gaff. >> the comment by senate ache ini don't think anybody who just didn't go ugg. >> talking about missouri republican ache incomments on what he called legitimate rape. >> the rest of us look back and i don't know anyone who doesn't think that man is an idiot. >>reporter: san jose republican jean lou. >> because i think some woman they really need help so they think obama can help with them because they can get government assistance. >>reporter: alternate delicate spivt of morgan hill. >> i think they need to listen to the word said from' romney she's a wonderful william and knows how important it is to be led by a man who is a wonderful man. >>reporter: but most of the delegates talked to told me
9:32 pm
it's the economy. >> the republican who weren't to get people back to work and weren't to make this country strong again that applys to me men, women, people of all gender, all races, whatever. i don't understand the distinction. >>reporter: far from the delegate hotel at 10th camp called romneyville green party candidate sherry hunk says republican women are right. it is the economy. >> and my message to them is that romney and ryan don't give a darn but either. they don't know what it is like to punch a time clock. they don't know what it's like to worry if you are going to be able to pay your mortgage. >>reporter: 2 are about as far apart as you can get here in tampa. coming up at 11 tonigh tonight. we have ann romney speech and key note speech from chris christy in tampa, abc 7 news. >> he will be reporting leif from tampa instate up update at
9:33 pm
this site or go to our facebook page. >> now new jersey governor cristy was the key note speaker tonight at the g.o.p. cop snrengs tampa. job was to build up governor romney and take president obama down. here are some of the highlights of the speech. >> the math of federal spending does not add up. with 5 trillion dollars in debt added over the last 4 years we have no other option but to make the hard choices. cut federal spending and fundamentally raws the size of this government. they believe in teacher union. we believe in teachers. i believe in american history and only one thing missing now leadership. leadership not reading from a poll. you smree president real leaders don't follow poll. real leaders change polls. plus applause. >>reporter: some of the excerpt from new jersey governor cristy tonight. brian ross also in tampa and tonight he takes a lack at the lobbyist
9:34 pm
hoping to influence decisions about everything from the election to health care for american families. >> for republicans and democrat contract it's the most expensive extravagant set of political convention ever. setting here of lavish parties. flamboyant strippers and insider access for the highest bidder. >> this is a system with no shame. pride. >>reporter: mostly paid for by the big corporations. lobbyist and super rich. arrived in tampa in the private jets. these are the real vip. according to someone who was once one of them. convicted lobbyist. >> people who want something back. they are doing it because they have app agenda. >>reporter: at&t wish the government approval charge consumer for expanded use of the internet had taken over near by restaurant to entertain public officials and other vip for the week. the. >> this is private property. >>reporter: we showed up. mye fears tried the hide the sign with the honored guest name. and then ordered us to turn off
9:35 pm
our camera or else. >> even the wind and rain from isaac didn't put a camper on the big money private gatherin gathering. including performance by the commodore put on by senate republicans. someone inside took these pictures for us as 6 grateful senator including one from texas thank the corporate sponsors that put on 25,000 dollar a piece to be there. >> join me in thanking blue cross and blue shield after flack, at&t. >>reporter: blue cross blue shield after flack have a huge stake in health care coverage law and republican senator they spent time with will help write the laws. brian ross abc. not something missouri senator was eager to talk about. senator can you not answer the questions? l. >> evidently not. that's brian reporting. of course the parties are all legal under the laws for political donations. back here now. police in the
9:36 pm
south bay used series of gang sweep this weekend to try to gain control of the soaring homicide rate in san jose. gotten terrible. vick lae takes a look tonight at officers making more than 2 dozen arrests as they try to keep the pressure on gang members. first, last night several hundred people gathered at city hall demanding an end to the murder streak. what they didn't know was police had already taken joint steps to do just that. it started friday night. 3 day operation aimed at stopping the outbreak of gang violence. spike in murder couldn't have come at worse time. number of officers the force lowest in years. but the department was able to mobilize officers from numerous units and authorize over time for pa tremendously cops for the sweep. police officials say the effort paid off. officers made 91 probation parole searches. they arrested
9:37 pm
26 gang members and confiscated 2 guns and 2 knives. >> we are very confident that our activities this weekend resulted in no homicide. >>reporter: no homicides when 8 killings during an 11 day stretch this month. bringing the total to the 33. 5 more murder than this time last year gang member targeted because police say almost 40 percent of the killings this year are gang related. police say this is exactly what they were doing when the department was at full force. being pro active. putting constant pressure on gangs. deterrent they say that worked. operation which was nicknamed gang all the time l pleased the mayor. >> gang members know that they are likely to be stopped. if they are carrying a gun they are going to be arrested. in that keeps guns off the street. >>reporter: but coalition for justice and accountability of citizen rights group is worried over potential of police over stepping their legal boundary during the so that and search. >> we obviously are concerned
9:38 pm
with increased violence in the community but at the same time we are concerned about people civil rights. >> might be racial profiling. but they fit a description of someone in certain type of consider or wearing a hat certain type of which. >> department authorized 800,000 dollars to pay for moreover time to keep the streets going through the end of the year. department also hiring 64 new recruits next year. on the streets when they finish their training at the academy. 7 news. we have more to bring you here on the news at 9:00. stay with us. coming up next. facebook house. bay area internet start up that now [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover,
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i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >> degree some discovery at
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storage facility in pensacola, florida. before i tell you a little bit more. warp you it's graphic. authorities say they found human brain hearts and lung stored in tupperware soda cup and garbage bag inside a unit owned by former medical examiner. somebody bought the storage unit at auction last week and noticed a foul smell as they sifted through furniture and boxes in the unit. remains of more than 100 people were foundth many not identified of course. authorities say they belong to the a doctor who had been fired for not completing autopsy reports. oil leak is blamed for news helicopter making an emergency landing in hollywood last tonight. watch this. smoke was just pouring as you can see from the ktla chopper as it was covering a story. another station was flying alongside and got these pictures. pilot saw what was happening and then touched down safely in an empty parking lot. fire officials identified the problem as oil leak from crack in the engine. apparently the chopper and
9:43 pm
others were covering the search for a gun man in the hollywood area. vl when suddenly something went terribly wrong with the helicopter nobody hur hurt. well it is the house made famous by the movie the social nets work. maybe you saw it. today the new round of entrepreneur living there gave us a tour of that 4 bedroom home sz. on a quiet street in palo alto where facebook founder mark spent the summer in his company earliest days. 7 news reporter january thon bloom has the story. >>reporter: it's one in the afternoon and programmer zack just rolling out of bed. >> have you hit the energy drink yet. >> no. diet coke. >>reporter: zack work for start up and lake co-workers he pretty much works all the time. >> everyone has different schedules. day normally last 16 hours. . >>reporter: ceo explained it's a social net work for fundraising. >> big problem in the non-profit fundraising where all the acts are stranger and stranger. we make the app
9:44 pm
friendly. >>reporter: how appropriate they work out of the very same palo alto house where mark and crew of hackers spent the enter launching face pwichblingt except the bedding everything is lake it was back with 2004. >>reporter: you are sitting in mark seat. >> this is where he sat. i don't know if he saw in the chair exactly. >>reporter: are there are technically 4 bedrooms unless you counsel the mattress on the living ramp floor. >> nobody make their bed no. no time. >>reporter: there is the pool. famously portrayed in the movie the net social network. tm zip lane no longer there. it was tied to this chimney. >> probably both dangerous and fun. >>reporter: fun in the form of nerve gun battle and forcesing effect to try on the iron man helmet. that's the mascot. they don't need metal suit to dot impossible. just a really good police to eat sleep and write code. >> just getting so much more
9:45 pm
him if something to do with the oynd or the architect or maybe just the facebook karma. >>reporter: but the ire men only have it a few more week. they are sub letting for the summer from group of students who manufacture back in september. this is 7 news. well from planet mars to earth. just ahead. out of this world release of new song this world release of new song from will i am. stay with
9:46 pm
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9:48 pm
sf. >> for a second day a low flying chopperer was passing other the bay area we got shots of it. you may have seen it yourself. we spotted it in hayward this morning. also scheduled to fly over alcatraz
9:49 pm
fisherman wharf and parts of oak land. why? well it's throughout to measure the radiation that occurs naturally in the bay area. information this mate some day be used as base law by home lapped security in the event that a dirty bomb or terrorist plot its uncovered in the bay area. >> well the mars curiosity rover sent back high resolution image of the eventual destination. mount sharp. 3 mile high mountain raises from the florida of a crater where curiosity landed august 6. mountains expose lawyers mineral in the presence of world trade center. curiosity make its way to mount sharp to dig down the chemistry and red dig down the chemistry and red plan it has harbored ♪ [ singing]. >> newcomb accomplishment this afternoon for the mars rover.
9:50 pm
it was the first time a pest of music was beamed to earth from another planet. the new song by will i am 3 is is called reach for the stars. eights about the singer passion for space explore agencies. during the tl debut he gave a shout ought to mohawk ed. nasa engineer of own lacked were inspiring motivating kids presently big whom. >> this is music truly out of this world. >> yes. >> take a look at our summer spread for tomorrow is usual 3 or so range of temperature from high of 62 at pacifica tomorrow the. go to high of 75 or more at oakland. to the high of 91 at brentwood. almost 30 degree spread tomorrow between high on the coast and highest of the high inland. here's broader look at high pressure tomorrow in the bay area. sunny sky
9:51 pm
will develop in the wee hours of the morning will quickly burn away tomorrow by midday sunny skies. mild on the coast low to mid 60's 63 around the bay up to 81 at free mon. 83 san jose. south basement inland east bay warmest region of the bay area 90 at fairfeld i can't i don't care and livermore. upper 80's the north bay and look at the 7 day forecast. warm weather coming our way and temperatures drop sharply friday and saturday. in fact inland hay most part those 2 day in the upper 70's prochling 80 then on sunday graduate warm-up to tl next week we know temperatures bounce back up to seasonal levels. >> thanks very much jerry is off all the kwan to talk baseball. >> more trouble than the a's comb both came out on top. shut out cleveland second state
9:52 pm
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>> coming up at 11:00. super bug outbreak northern california hospital how dozens of newborns were exposed to highly infectious strain of bacteria. >> police imposter kidnap woman the in east bay. what authorities tell people to lack out for after a freight engine assault. update that story for you. all coming up tonight at 11 on channel 7. but rick is here with all the sports tonight. >> giants reliever back with the san francisco giants. pitcher activated today after serving a 100 game suspension following a second positive drug test. manager bruce says never any doubt about his return saying everyone makes mistake. just ask spencer about the forecast. >> giants open 3 game series tonight in houston t.teasing you. crazy play here. pop up. south territory. pablo bails
9:56 pm
him without a grab to end the inning. i love you spencer. tied at 1 in the eighth. uncork a wild pitch. score from third and 2-1. but he made the right moves of the night. delivering the pitch hit double down the left field lane. the baby giraffe brandon running from first hustle all the which around to tie the score. then with 1 out another pinch hitter. bloop and bring home the go ahead run. sergio came on to close it without a perfect inning. jose pops up with the final out. giants come back to win 3-2. the dodgers lost so their lead is 3 and half games. red hot a took advantage of the slumping indian again recording second straight shut out. first time since 2006 oakland is 14 games over 500. lead in the second.
9:57 pm
moss with bloop single to left. pwriping bring home smith 1 nothing. the we now go to the third. oakland up 2 nothing. moss gets all of this fast bal ball. it will disappear in the trees in center field. 14th home run of the season made it 4 nothing. tom malone threw 6 shut out innings to get the 11th victory. strikes out josh to get out of 4th inning jam. carter in the fifth. delivers a two run shop. the 12th over of the season. a's roll 7 nothing. remain tied with baltimore for the wild card lead. cal football team kick off this saturday hosting nevada. 10 and a half point favorite. bears may lacking for a little revenge. two years nag reno quarterback was just about unstoppable. totalled 3 29 yards and total offense and accounted for 5 touch downs as wolf pack blew out the bears 52-31. nick now with the frainers but nevada
9:58 pm
still runs the potent. >> it's like triple option. what you need to dies make sure you cancel all phases of what goes on with the run game. quarterback. pass game. the pitch. so it's really important to be really disciplined with weighs going open. and keep your eyes disciplined and take care of your assignment. not try to do more than you are supposed to do. >> the season kick off for us as well on saturday. we have a complete recap of cal opener including post game interview. that can be seen on after the game which follow the prime time contest between defending national champ alabama and michigan. u.s. open defending men champ open play with a win over here and match lasted 73 minutes. stl roddick playing williams. roddick might be seated 20th but still a rbingt first serve. he wins in straight sets. on the women
9:59 pm
side 7 time grand slam champ venus williams got off to slow start against bethany sand before finding her game. coming up. match point. vane us not seated but went on to win. so she is moving on. as is her sister serena who played under the lights at flushing meadow. needed less than an hour. this was merchandise point. williams cruises to a victory. most consider serena the tournament favorite she's only seated fourth. >> interesting. she's always a threat. >> always strong i think she will win tonight thanks very much. spencer it's okay. rick didn't mean it. that's this edition of 7 news. for rick and spencer and larry all of us here i'm dan. thanks for watching. appreciate your tim time. we'll see you again in an hour on channel 7. goodbye an hour on channel 7. goodbye for now


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